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madobak mentawai

West Sumatra Mentawai Tribe, Siberut Island Odyssey.

A group of islands about 120 Km off the west coast of central Sumatra, the Mentawai archipelago is located in its own time zone, geographically isolated from the rest of Indonesia. There are four main large inhabited islands: Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai and South Pagai, and many small islands, surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean to the west, and the deep Mentawai Strait to the east.

Siberut Island, is the largest island in the Mentawai archipelago and often visited by tourists from many different countries. The region is especially fascinating for those interested in seeing the unique culture, customs and traditions of the Mentawai people living in remote parts of South Siberut. This area is becoming popular for a range of different scientifically motivated purposes. Trekking is a rewarding activity for those seeking a glimpse of primitive jungle life, while research gathering expeditions for scientists and students, the shooting of films or endemic wildlife documentaries also continue to frequent this unique and mysterious land.

The Mentawai indigenous people have a society based on shamanic beliefs, and still live in perfect symbiosis with nature, having very little contact with the outside world. The Mentawai depend on the jungle for their food, clothing and medicine. Shamanism is a quest for harmony in the relationships between human beings and nature, the clans, between men and women and between individuals. It is a profound wisdom born out of the constraints of survival and brings with it an effective natural medicine practiced by witch doctors: the shamans.

Moreover, the Mentawai Indigenous People also have numerous taboos, behaviors which are forbidden because they threaten harmony, especially those concerning hunting, wisely balancing their interaction with the immediate environment. Long and complex rituals regulate the hunting expeditions, thus limiting the damage to the monkey and wild hog populations. Other shamanist taboos regulate the relationships inside or between the clans.On our trek, we will learn how to manufacture a bow and arrow, how poison is used in arrows, how to find wild honey, catch fish in the river and many other things, amid laughter and the warmth of friendship with the local community.

We may be fortunate to be invited to a healing ceremony or to the ritual preparation for a hunt that are part of the daily life of the Mentawai Indigenous People. During these ceremonies the Sikerei (shamans) call on the spirits to re-establish harmony where it is missing.The isolated areas or jungle populations often visited by tourists for carrying out the above activities are: Attabai, Buttui, and Matotonan Jungle Population.

These areas can be reached by speedboat through a large river by passing some villages nearby the river bank such as Rogdog, Madobag, Ugai, and Matotonan, and then continued on foot, passing lush forests and high mountains.

men-siberut sunset mentawai muara-siberut

07 DAYS – 06 NIGHTS.
Sumatra Mentawai Tours and Jungle Trekking into the remote village.
Start / Finish: Minangkabau Airport, Padang, West Sumatra.
Tour Code: KNLR-SM-7D.
Departure: Every Monday/Thursday from Padang.
Grade: Strenuous.

Day 01: Leave Bukittinggi for Padang harbour at 2 pm The ferry leave for Siberut Island at 8 pm. Over night in the feery.

Note: Its better you will be a day prior departure in Padang hotel.

Day 02: Arrive in Siberut early in the morning at 6/7 am report to the police station. Around 9/10 leave for Batobay village by speed boat. Over night in local house. (B.L.D)

Day 03: After break fast leave for attabai village. about 4/5 hours trek Over night local house. (B.L.D)

Day 04: Still in attabai village/free programs. Over night (B.L.D)

Day 05: Leave for village batobay. About 4/5 hours trek. Stop over at the water fall.
Over night local house (B.L.D)

Day 06: After lunch leave for Muara Siberut/harbour, by speed boat. The ferry leave at 8 pm.
Over night in the ferry. (B.L) Tuesday

Day 07: Arrive in Padang in the morning. Back to Bukittinggi by public bus.

For further informations, details trip itinerary 7 days program, please email us at info@korindo-network.com by mentioning the tour code: KNLR-SM-7D.

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