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Mt.Rinjani Lombok Volcano Summit and Lake Hiking.

Rinjani Summit Lake Hike
The Rinjani National Park is a nature reserve of 41 330 hectares surrounding the volcano that provides many opportunities for eco-tourism. The whole area is a picturesque haven, featuring magnificent waterfalls, lush and accessible jungle trekking, traditional villages and plantations of tobacco and cashew nuts, grown alongside verdant rice terraces.

Senaru is the usual starting point for climbing Lombok's famous volcano, Gunung Rinjani. Other options, for a slightly shorter route to the summit, are Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung to the northeast. Rinjani soars 3726m above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracting thousand of trekkers and climbers annually. The huge caldera near the top is around 4 kilometres wide and is almost filled by a beautiful crescent-shaped lake, Danau Segara Anak (Child of the Sea).

The lake is around 230m deep and contains many species of fishes, as well as being home to birds and other wildlife. A smaller volcanic cone, Gunung Baru Jari, was formed a couple of hundred years ago from the crater's interior at the edge of the lake. It has been estimated that the force needed to create the new cone and the lake would have been equaled to around 300 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. There are several springs located around the volcano, most importantly ‘Aik Kalak’ on the northeast of the crater, where the volcanically-heated waters are said to cure illnesses, particularly skin diseases.

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3 Days / 2 Nights.
Sembalun Lawang, Rim, Summit, Crater Lake and Senaru Village.
Start / Finish: Senggigi Hotel/Bangsal Harbor.
Tour Code: KNLR-RSH-3D.
Grade: Challenging.
Departure: April to September.

Day 1: Senggigi Hotel - Sembalun Lawang - Sembalun Rim
Our guide will pick you up at the hotel lobby at 6.00 am (or 5.00 am if your hotel is further) then transfer to Sembalun. After registration at the Rinjani Information Centre (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang (1,156 m), you will then meet your guide and receive your National Park entry tickets. Your guide will give you a briefing describing the route details, local cultural traditions and what you may see and experience during the trek. He will also explain rubbish management and safety procedures.
The trek starts from Sembalun Lawang with the gentle ascent walking through open grassland used as cattle grazing by the local people. The first rest stop is at Pos 1 Pemantauan (1,300 m) after about 2 hours, followed by Pos 2 Tengengean (1,500 m) after trekking for about 1 hour. You will start to enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Rinjani and catch a glimpse of the summit. After another about 1.5 hour, you will reach Pos 3 Pada Balong (1,800 m) where we will stop for lunch and a short time of rest. After which, we will start the steep climb of about 3.5 hours to Pos 4 Sembalun Crater Rim campsite (2,639 m). We will walk through pine-like Casuarinas, locally known as Cemara, and see wild pigs and long-tailed grey macaque monkey along the trek. We will then stop for a well-deserved dinner and set up camp for early night’s rest.

Day 2: Summit - Rim - Lake - Senaru Rim
We will wake up around 2.00 am and prepare for the climb to the summit and set off at 3.00 am. This is a hard 3-hour climb on volcanic ash and the peak is 3,726 m high. Once you reach the peak, you will definitely feel proud and elated and experience the satisfaction of putting in the hard work in all those hours to reach the summit. Soak into the breathtaking panoramic view of the sunrise across Bali, Mt Agung and Sumbawa and click those cameras to capture the moment both in photographs and in your mind. After about 30 minutes or at most an hour, you will make the 3-hour descent to the ridge passing through numerous edelweiss plants Bunga Abadi to the crater rim camp for a well-deserved breakfast.
After breakfast, we will proceed to the Segara Anak Lake (2,000 m). It will take about 2 to 3 hours down the steep trail to the Crater Lake. The trek route at this point is steep and rocky. Your guide and porters will assist and give you extra attention. Mount Baru is an island in the lake and it is an active volcano, which last erupted dramatically in 1994. When you reach the lake, you will definitely be relieved and you will have the rest of the afternoon to relax and unwind. You can choose to swim, explore the caves and/or soak in the hot springs, which is believed to have healing powers. After the lunch break, we will leave the lake and climb for 2 to 3 hours up to Plawangan 1 Senaru Crater Rim (2,461 m) for Day Two’s camp. We will set up camp and have dinner and stay overnight at the Crater Rim. If the weather permits and there is sufficient time, we will take about an hour down to Cemara Lima to explore this sheltered forested area.

Day 3: Senaru Rim - Senaru Village - Senggigi Hotel/Airport/Gili Island
After breakfast, we will make the 7-hour descent down the long trail to Senaru village (601 m), through thick tropical forests rich in flora, bird life and a variety of butterflies. Lunch will be served along the way. You might see orchid and, if fortunate, the rare black ebony leaf monkey, known locally as Lutung. Rest stops are taken along the way and your guide will relate local legends and folk tales such as the Batu Penyesalan (regret stone) and banyan tree Bunut Ngengkang that resembles someone standing with their legs apart. After 7 hours’ walk from the rim (or five hours from Pos 3 Mondokon Lolak), the trek ends at Rinjani Trek Centre at the road in Senaru. Our private car would be waiting there to transfer to your hotel, Gili Island Habour or to the airport. Please inform us of your next destination ahead of time so that we can make our preparations.

For further informations, details trip itinerary 3 days program, please email us at info@korindo-network.com by mentioning the tour code: KNLR-RSH-3D.

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