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Ambon Dive Boat Ambon Laha Resort

Ambon Maluku Diving Trips

Hello Gilang,

Thanks for the email, I’m interested to know how you found out about Maluku Diving.

We would certainly be interested to work with your company, so here are the details about our packages and our facility.

We’re very happy to announce that Maluku Divers has evolved in the summer of 2009, with a brand new purpose built dive resort in Ambon. Set amongst mature trees in a beautiful 9,800 metre private beachfront plot, in the village of Laha just 5 minutes from the airport, we've built 10 individual bungalows, supported by on site restaurant, dive shop, large camera room and great dive facilities. The bungalows comprise of hot water private bathrooms, a/c and each has a private patio. Inside each bungalow, along with our trademark enormous comfy beds, we have added editing desks, with charging stations for our divers. There is also a large relaxing open air wooden terrace at the front of each bungalow, offering uninterrupted views to the ocean and our new house critter dive. As we're now located within Ambon bay, we can offer numerous shore diving opportunities at the resort at multiple critter sites directly on the shoreline, as well as boat dives to the other sites in and around Ambon.

At the purpose built dive resort, we have a daily rate of $250 per diver per night at the resort, based on twin shared accommodation. This is a dive and stay package, and includes accommodation, 3 dives each day and all of your meals. If your divers decide to join for an extended stay, we offer a package rate. For 6 days diving with 7 nights accommodation, with a total of 18 dives, the package is $1,550 per person. Over and above the 6 dive days in the package, additional dive days are charged at $237.50 per diver per night. There are also options for unlimited shore dive packages along with the extended 6 dive day packages.

Finally I'd point out that Ambon is a relatively new destination for tourism, we always make sure to tell our divers that Ambon is not a 5 star destination. We do work really hard to provide the best possible service, however Ambon is a little rustic and does have it's idiosyncrasies. We believe this rustic nature gives the island and the dive experience it's charm, but we also want people to be aware of what to expect when they join us for some great diving. Please don’t have your guests join us expecting a Bali 5 Star package, but for an adventurous dive experience away from the crowds.

So there we are Gilang, I hope it's suitable information for you, but if you have any further questions, please do let me know I'll be happy to help.

Cheers, Ambon Maluku Diving

If you would to book the diving package and accommodation or just the dive package, please specify the exact dive packages as mentioned below that you would book with us and please use this email option

Diving packages options as mentioned below:

DIVING RATES (per person) - US$
Full Day Diving (3 Dives) Ambon Bay $ 130.00
Full Day Diving (2 Dives) Ambon Bay $ 90.00
Half Day Diving (1 Dive ) Ambon Bay $ 50.00
Extra Charge Diving *South Coast Sites, Outside of Ambon Bay $ 15.00
Extra Charge Diving *Pulau Tiga, Tanjung Sial, Seram Island $ 20.00
Night Dive (Shore Dive) Swapping one 3 day dives for night dive $ 10.00
Night Dive (Shore Dive) Additional Night Dive (4th Dive of Day) $ 35.00
Customized Dive Packages on Request Available on Request
Ambon beach side restaurant
DIVE PACKAGES (per person) US$
24 Day Dive Package $ 130.00
21 Day Dive Package $ 90.00
18 Day Dive Package $ 50.00
15 Day Dive Package $ 15.00
12 Day Dive Package $ 20.00
9 Day Dive Package $ 10.00
6 Day Dive Package $ 35.00
Note: Prices Include; scuba cylinders, weight belts, lunch on vessel or at resort, Free flow drinking water, tea or coffee

All prices include government tax charges and are subject to change without notice
Inclusions or Exclusions
Full Board Dive and Accommodation Packages include:
• Breakfast at resort.
• Lunch at resort or on the dive vessel.
• Evening meal at the resort.
• Light snacks between dives on dive boat.
• Free flow tea, coffee and drinking water.
• 3 daily dives (dive packages specified in invoice)
• Government taxes.

Full Board Dive and Accommodation Packages exclude:
- Domestic flights.
- Airport transfers.
- Airport taxes.
- Porter fees.
- Gratuities.
- Unlimited Shore Diving.
- Night Dives.

Diving and Accommodation Packages
• Rates per Diver based on Twin Share Accommodation:
• Prices in US$.

Full Day Diving (3 Dives) Ambon Bay, Accommodation, Full Board $$250.00
Full Day Diving (2 Dives) Ambon Bay, Accommodation, Full Board $210.00
Full Day Diving (1 Dives) Ambon Bay, Accommodation, Full Board $170.00
Extra Charge Diving* South Coast Sites, Outside of Ambon Bay $15.00
Extra Charge Diving *Pulau Tiga, Tanjung Sial, Seram Island $20.00
Night Dive (Shore Dive) Swapping one 3 day dives for night dive $10.00
Night Dive (Shore Dive) Additional Night Dive (4th Dive of Day) $35.00
Customized Dive Packages on Request Available on Request
Note: Prices Include Accommodation, Full Board, drinking water, tea or coffee, Scuba Cylinders, weight belts, and daily use of dive towels.

Unused Dives
• If for any reason, guests miss dives which were available and readily offered by Maluku Divers, the unused dives are both non-transferrable and non refundable.
• Unused dives by any individual guest are not transferrable to another guest’s dive package.
• For dives missed as a result of Maluku Divers, or weather conditions, a dive credit may be issued for a subsequent stay at Maluku Divers.

Dives Equipment Rental
• Limited stock of dive equipment is available at Maluku Divers.
• Should divers require specific equipment, it is requested that the diver informs the Maluku Divers office in advance, by email, in order to ensure that the equipment is available.

Group Incentives
• Group Incentives are available for dive shop and travel agents booking groups at Maluku Divers.

Special Dietary Requests
• Maluku Divers will do their best to accommodate any special dietary request, however these are subject to availability and it is asked that divers are understanding of the remote nature of the region.

How to get to Ambon:
The domestic schedules to get to Ambon, new Lion flights from Bali depart every day, but there is a four hour stop in Makassar, the route is as follows:

Bali - Makassar 07:00 - 08:10

Makassar - Ambon 12:00 - 14:40

Return flights from Ambon - Bali are as follows.

Ambon - Makassar 07:45 - 08:20

Makassar - Bali 09:10 - 10:25

For Flights via Jakarta, here is the new preferential schedule that we’re working on now, the flights are both via Makassar

Jakarta - Ambon 06.00 - 12.30

Ambon - Jakarta 06.45 - 08.05

Ambon Scenery

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