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Komodo Dragon, Mount Rinjani and Orangutan Odyssey

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Discover Indonesia - Paradise on Equator: Orangutan Borneo, Mount Rinjani, Komodo Dragon, Gili Lombok, Sumatra, Java, Yogyakarta, Sulawesi Island, Flores, Bali, Ambon Maluku and Papua.

Indonesia splendor of 13.677 lands stretching discover some 6.400 kilometers across beautiful turquoise waters of equator. principal lands of Indonesia - discover Indonesia archipelago: Java famous with Mount Bromo, Mt.Semeru, Ijen Crater, Merapi Volcano and Borobudur temple, Sumatra most visit Mount Kerinci, Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, Elephant and Bukittinggi. Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) well known with Orangutan at Tanjung Puting, Sulawesi with Tana Toraja, Bunaken island and Tangkoko National Park . And enchanting island of Bali, Flores also one of tourist destination with Mount Kelimutu and Komodo Dragon. Lombok with Mount Rinjani Lombok and Gili Islands.  Maluku Ambon famous for visiting Banda naira and Diving. West Papua with Tribes, Diving and Live boards. Indonesia trip consist of several categories  adventure to leisure,  remote places into the city.

National motto of Indonesia  "Unity in Diversity" describes discover endless array of natural and cultural wonders spread  countries' extremes of Sumatra to West Papua.

Discover Indonesia offers great visual contrasts of snow-capped mountains and shallow mangrove-filled estuaries; dry savannah plains and dense tropical rainforests; broad sandy beaches and steep rocky headlands. Rice grown on emerald terraces that cascade down  smoldering volcanoes. Through centuries, great civilizations have blossomed in fertile chain of islands that have contributed to creating Indonesia's unique cultural legacy.

Hi Gilang

David and I had an amazing time with Orangutan Odysseys and have not stopped telling everyone what a great trip it was since we got home.
I will be honest in that we were a bit confused upon arrival in Bali about when we were meeting with our group and guide (turns out it was just us!). We knew we were meeting Gilang at the hotel but did not know what time - once he arrived and cleared everything up we were sorted. Our tour was essentially in two parts the first on the Rungan River aboard the Rahai'i Pangun and the second on the Sekonyer river aboard the OO Koltok Kosasi. We chose this tour because of the distinctly different focuses on each the first on people and culture and the second on orangutans.

The first section of our trip was good - although the river was exceptionally low and we seemed to go up and down the same section of river a number of times as the boat could not get any further either way. We did have more confusion when we got on the Rahai'i Pangun as they thought we were on the boat for four nights and I insisted it was only three. Gaye said that they had not had confirmation of when we were arriving or our itinerary and then said she would arrange our visit to Nyaru Mentang for us on Friday. Once it was all clarified we had a great time - the boat is great and we had a lovely guide Rinni. The boat rides to orangutan island were exceptionally long as the river was low we had to take a small boat. The first time in the small boat it took an hour to get to the island the next day we went further up river and it took 2 and a half hours just to get to the island never mind getting back to the big boat again. I think this was a bit much as there was no toilet, you could not get off the boat and all up the trip took 6 hours. We had an elderly couple on this part of the trip and it was a long morning for them. On reflection these orangutans were very sad when we compared them to the ones we saw in Tanjung Puting. Overall this section was good - great accommodation on board the boat and the Rungan Sari Resort, fantastic food on board the boat and great visits to the local fishing villages along the river.

Our visit to Nyaru Menteng was important to me as it was a documentary i saw years ago on this that made me want to travel to Borneo in the first place. The work they do is really important and we would like to thank them for letting us into the info center on a Friday.

The second part of our tour was FANTASTIC!!!! We LOVED it. It was AMAZING!!! Our crew were fantastic, the Klotok was great and we were amazed you still ran the tour just for the two of us! We were lucky that the Gary Shapiro tour was running at the same time and we were able to spend time with more of your fantastic crew and the other passengers on this tour. The visits to the feeding stations and viewing the orangutans were the highlight of our tour. While lots was happening we still managed to relax and really enjoy the scenery and surroundings while travelling on the river. Our Klotok broke down on the third morning on the river but the crew knew how to fix it and it turned out to be great - all the other boats (and tourists) were at the feeding station, the boat motor wasn't running and the river was peaceful and calm and you could just hear the sounds of the forest. Thanks again to our fantastic and experienced crew!!

Gilang thanks for the beer! If you are ever in New Zealand please come and see us.

Sarah and David

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