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Adventure Indonesia: Orangutan Borneo, Mount Rinjani, Komodo Dragon, Gili Lombok, Sumatra, Java, Yogyakarta, Sulawesi Island, Flores, Bali, Ambon Maluku and West Papua.

Indonesia splendor of 13.677 lands stretching discover some 6.400 kilometers across beautiful turquoise waters of equator. principal lands of Indonesia - adventure in Indonesia archipelago: Java famous with Mount Bromo, Mt.Semeru, Ijen Crater, Merapi Volcano and Borobudur temple, Sumatra most visit Mount Kerinci, Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, Elephant and Bukittinggi. Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) well known with Orangutan at Tanjung Puting, Sulawesi with Tana Toraja, Bunaken island and Tangkoko National Park . And enchanting island of Bali, Flores also one of tourist destination with Mount Kelimutu and Komodo Dragon. Lombok with Mount Rinjani Lombok and Gili Islands. Maluku Ambon famous for visiting Banda naira and Diving. West Papua with Tribes, Diving and Live boards. Indonesia trip consist of several categories adventure to leisure, remote places into the city.

National motto of Indonesia "Unity in Diversity" describes discover endless array of natural and cultural wonders spread countries' extremes of Sumatra to West Papua.

Indonesia offers great visual contrasts of snow-capped mountains and shallow mangrove-filled estuaries; dry savannah plains and dense tropical rainforests; broad sandy beaches and steep rocky headlands. Rice grown on emerald terraces that cascade down smoldering volcanoes. Through centuries, great civilizations have blossomed in fertile chain of islands that have contributed to creating Indonesia's unique cultural legacy.

2014 top pick tours and adventure travel in Indonesia: Komodo Dragon Trips, Mount Rinjani Trekking, Orangutan Borneo Trip, Mount Krakatau, Tanah Toraja Tours, Mt.Bromo Tour, Mt.Kerinci Trek and Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta.

Komodo Mount Rinjani Orangutan Borobudur Temple

Mount Bromo Toraja Mount Kerinci Krakatau

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